Cyril Pahinui - Hi‘ilawe Album Cover Art

Cyril Pahinui – Hi‘ilawe

Dec. 28, 2016

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Cyril Pahinui – HI‘ilawe

After a weekend of music, lessons, and lū’au, Cyril and a small group of friends set off to hike to the HI‘ilawe waterfall. This was not going to be just a hike up and back. It included guitars, video cameras, and a tape recorder, all wrapped in industrial black plastic bags.

On arriving at the waterfall, Cyril immediately perched on a large boulder at the base and repeatedly sang to his muse. From where he sat, Cyril could feel the spray and mist from the main part of Hi‘ilawe Falls as it dropped the 1,300 feet after its initial drop of 150 feet.


From the Hilo Slack Key Festival 7-24-1994

01 Mauna Loa 5:28

02 Kamakani Ka‘ili Aloha 3:27

03 Hi’ilawe 4:24

04 Makee Ailana 5:13

05 Harvest of Rainbows 3:40

06 Ipo Lei Manu 4:39

From the Honolulu Slack Key Festival, 8-15-1993

07 He‘eia 3:53

From Berkeley, California at the Freight & Salvage, 3-17-1992

08 Ki‘hoalu (instrumental) 2:39

09 Hi‘ilawe (instrumental) 5:22

From Santa Cruz, California at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center, 2-19-1994

10 Dancing In Your Rain 4:34

11 ‘Opihi Moemoe Ki‘hoalu (instrumental)2:08

12 Nani Ka‘ala 4:12

2009, Cyril Pahinui performs his father’s signature song.

Album Credits:

All Music Arranged by Cyril Pahinui

Album Produced by Cyril Pahinui Productions

Album Recorded Live and Engineered by Dancing Cat Records

Album Mixed by Howard Johnston and Gaylord Holomalia

Album Mastered by David John (D J) Pratt

MC for Hilo Slack Key Guitar Festival Patrick Kahawaiola’a from Keaukaha

Photography: Chelle Pahinui

Liner Notes: Chelle Pahinui

Editers: Kaiulani Jerman and Rhonda Osurman

Album Graphic Design and Layout: Ki‘i Graphics by Chelle Pahinui and Aaron Miyasato

Music Video Production: Kaiwi Stevens, Tani Waipa and Warren Kaneao

Music Video Production Crew: Sean Robbins, Anakala Likeke, Linda Kalani & Dick Lanham

Hula Coreography by Kumu Hula Rae Fonseca Danced by Melissa Duarte

Social Media, Public Relations: Ki‘i Graphics