Mahalo nui loa na ho‘olaule‘a me la kāua!

Lifetime award poster
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Ano’ai kākou,

I am honored to announce that I have been selected for a:

Nā Hōkū Hanohano Lifetime Achievement Award

Me Ka hau‘oli!

Mahalo to everyone who has supported my musical journey! I aloha you and am ever grateful that you have allowed me this honor. Although there are so many, including each of you my Friends, Family and Fans who have brought me to this place. Each of us has someone who has “loved us into being”, encouraged us to continue, and inspired our greatest achievements. For me it is my dad. Although he had very little money and few material things his ALOHA for music and his homeland and his ability to share that love has enrich my life beyond anything else.

Sometimes people ask me how I feel being compared to my dad. To tell you the truth, it doesn’t bother me. I have his blood but my own style. I’m proud to carry on the Pahinui name, do things the way he did, like singing and playing Hawaiian music, respecting and sharing with other musicians. And if people hear me and remember my dad, that makes me happy too.

My dad once told his friends, “my son’s time will come, I don’t know when, but it will.” I only hope that if my time has come, I hope he is proud of what I’ve done.

Where can you get this magical music? Why, right here, at our Cyril Pahinui Store. We are now offering our subscribers an opportunity to PRE-ORDER this amazing One Time, CD LIMITED EDITION. And for those who order before April 21st, FREE Shipping! Just enter the coupon code: MAHALO at checkout! Our inventory is being shipped to Hawai‘i and you CD will be sent out as soon as they arrive.

You may also (eventually) be able to get it online at, Amazon. com, CD Baby, iTunes and most download stores. (Keep in mind that with the digital download you won’t get the beautiful liner notes booklet. But if you do go the digital route, please stop by where all the booklet pages — and lots more information — can be found.) Once it arrives it will also be made available at the legendary Harry’s Music Store in Wai‘alae, Oahu and if you live in Hilo, at the renowned Basically Books, and you can periodically find copies of Cyril’s music in the gift shop of the Bishop Museum where Cyril teaches his monthly Slack Key classes.

For those of you wondering when there might be a live performance by the Sandwich Isle Band, we’ll keep you posted. And if you’re interested in hosting a performance, shoot us an email.

Meanwhile, get yourself a copy, and see if it’s not the best Hawaiian music from the seventies that you’ve ever heard! 


Thank you for Celebrating our CD Release!

Now, we know you Folks have been clamoring for a recording of our music performed at Honolulu’s iconic Blaisdell Hotel. And, we’re here to give you what you want….

To commemorate Cyril’s preeminent career and receiving this highest of honors, we also announce a Limited Edition reissue of: the Sandwich Isle Band.

The Sandwich Isle BandThe Sandwich Isle Band is the debut album of Grammy-nominee and Nä Höku Hanohano Award winner, Cyril Pahinui’s first group formed in 1975. The recordings feature the innovative sounds of bass player sensation, Brian Hussey, steel guitar wonder, Eddie Palama, the phenomenal guitar of Steven Hall, along with the on loan and versatile percussionist, Merv Ching and guest artist the virtuoso, Peter Moon, set in the picturesque exotic tropical paradise, the Sandwich Islands.

The Sandwich Isle Band is over thirty minutes of music selected and written by the incredible members of this amazing band.

There is an entertaining rendition of the classic hapa song, Honolulu How Do you Do, followed by the first time recording of the romantic composition by Cyril Pahinui and Brian Hussey, Sweet Memory, translated by the Master of ‘ölelo, Larry Kimura, followed by more elusive romantic tales from paradise and a whole lot more to give you the rest of the story!

Originally produced by Seabird Productions/Seabird Sound, this CD rendition comes in a beautiful custom-designed booklet package, featuring the original artwork of Oahu Artist, Keith Boutte, album design of Paul Maddox and photography of Robert Knight with production by go-to guy, Peter Moon.

The CD includes a 6-page foldout with all the song lyrics as well as the helpful liner note translations to read along with as you listen.

And while it does tell an historic story over the course of 10 songs, the Sandwich Isle Band was conceived so that each tune could stand on its own. You can dip into the flow of the music, and everywhere you land you’ll find a gem of a song that’s worthy of your time and your ears. No filler here. There’s traditional mele, island favorites and original compositions. It’s got quite the musical breadth, folks. We hope you’ll give it a listen.