Bishop Museum Classes 2014

Hālau Mele Hawai‘i ‘O Pahinui (Pahinui School of Hawaiian Music) features monthly instruction in Kīhō‘alu or slack key guitar at the Bishop Museum.

Classroom is located in the Hawaiian Sports Hall of Fame exhibit. Everyone is welcome. Just bring your guitar and be ready to kanikapila. There are two sessions per night beginning at 4:30 and 6:00pm.

Bishop Museum Classes 2014

  • January 20
  • February 17
  • March 17
  • April 14
  • May 19
  • June 16
  • July 14
  • August 9 GPWK (HMHoP Students perform)
  • August 18
  • September 15
  • October 20
  • November 17
  • December 15 Year End Kanikapila and Potluck

Sessions are taught in the kanikapila style, Nana ka maka; ho‘olohe ka pepeiao -watch with the eyes, and listen with the ears. Thus one learns. This traditional method provides the perfect instruction to this rich tradition. Students of all levels learn at their own speed as they are guided through simple exercises and solos to create the “slack key” sound. Slack key can be played on any guitar, acoustic or electric. The term refers to both the musical style and the myriad ways the instrument is tuned. I teach several traditional tunings and focus on those that originated in my family particularly the C tuning. In addition, you’ll learn the use of vibrato, harmonics, slurs, harmonies in thirds and sixths, legato playing and other musical ideas that have helped create a distinctive guitar sound. This lush finger-picking style will add new sounds and flavors to your entire repertoire.

I will supply you with the cord charts and song sheets we will use. Students must bring their own guitar.